As a World Class Fitness Champion who incorporated pole fitness as part of her routine to win the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival Women’s Fitness Championship, Oksana Grishina brings to you her very first pole fitness competition, The Oksana Grishina Pole Fitness Classic (OG Pole Fitness Classic).

Oksana’s first experience with pole gave her enormous respect for the women and men who compete in this growing sport. The Pole arts have expanded from strip clubs to become a part of dance studio and exercise class offerings. Pole offers fitness, health and strength training to a growing fan base throughout the world. In addition to growing as a recreational activity and form of exercise, pole fitness is also a competitive sport. A number of organizations offer amateur and professional competitions with The Pole Championship Series (PCS) leading the way. The PCS Championship is held annually at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio and is expanding to Africa with PCS Africa in May 2016.

The OG Pole Fitness Classic will be a PCS qualifier with the winner competing in the March 2017 PCS Championship. In the evening, Oksana will perform with her friend, bodybuilder and former Cirque du Soleil performer, Vladimir Sizov. The night will also include a premiere, work-in-progress screening of the documentary film, Winning Strength, a short film that explores the world of Fitness competition.

Oksana’s goal is to strengthen the connection between Pole Fitness and the broader Fitness and Bodybuilding community by introducing these pole athletes to the fitness community. As the sport grows and the athletes mature, they now take their training more seriously. Both amateur and pro athletes complement their pole work with weight training and cardio and pay attention to diet and supplementation. They train like athletes. They eat like athletes. They dress like athletes. It’s a rapidly growing market that fits well within the broader fitness community, and Oksana is thrilled to launch her first Pole Fitness competition!

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