Jennifer Kim is an XPERT Pole and Aerial Fitness certified instructor for several of the leading Los Angeles pole studios including BeSpun, The Vertitude, Metamorphosis, Fembody Fitness, and Crunch Gym.

You may have seen one of her many performances at Girl Next Door – A Pole Dance Soirée and SEVEN. She can be seen as the featured dancer on Enrique Iglesias “Dirty Dancer” music video.

Jennifer has competed in several competitions and has earned her USPDF pro status. She has placed as a runner up in 2012 Pacific Pole Championships and in the 2012 International Pole Masters doubles division with her partner Sergia Louise Anderson. This duo has also competed in 2013 IPC Singapore. Most recently Jennifer competed in Pole Stars Malaysia.

As a dancer Jennifer is known for her strength and grace. Although Jennifer has expanded her pole repertoire to include contemporary pole movement, she has a strong connection to her sensual classic pole movement roots. Jennifer took her first pole class out of curiosity with no dance, movement, fitness, or gymnastics background. She believes and wants to share the message that pole is accessible to everyone regardless of their background or lack of.

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