Kelly Maglia is a rock singer and pole dancer who first made her name in the pole industry as a costume designer to the pole stars. She has designed for many pole celebrities, including Natasha Wang, Anastasia Skukhtorova, Nadia Sharif, Jenyne Butterfly, Marlo Fisken, Bendy Kate, and Marion Crampe.

She founded Kelly Maglia Vertical Theatre in 2010, through which she produced cutting-edge pole dance musicals, including the full-length rock operetta, Once Upon a Pole, which featured Kelly’s original script and showcased her unique brand of pole-dance storytelling.

Even more than theatre, Kelly has always loved writing and performing rock music, and so in 2015 she launched her first EP, entitled “Just Enough Rough” as well as a dramatic music video that showcases her in a Chinese pole duet in the Mojave desert.

When Kelly is not performing her own music – as she does at rock clubs in LA or at Pole Expo in Las Vegas – she can be seen as a featured singer and pole dancer with jazz improv artist Toledo Diamond.

Kelly is honored to be an official OGPFC judge, and she wishes for all the competitors to dance with passion, not logic, and to know that true “winning” is the joy we take in presenting our artistry to the world.

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