Tilly Erikson: OG Pole Fitness Classic (2016)

Tilly Erikson is a Training Specialist for a Fortune 100 company by day and a pole addict by night and weekends. She has earned two B.A. degrees and a Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. While competing since 2014, she has placed Top 3 in three competitions, earned a qualified finalist placement in 3 competitions, and won an honorary title as Miss Congeniality. Aside from competing, she also performs as a principal cast member and lead actress in Kelly Yvonne Productions’ The Girl Next Door Show and SEVEN, and has been featured in many other shows such as Pole Show Las Vegas, Luscious Maven’s Naughty List, and RockAngel Cabaret. She also is a certified pole instructor, primarily teaching at her home studio The Choreography House.

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