Best Physique Winner: 2017 Pro Division

Nyancy Ly centers herself through movement. Her pole fitness endeavors are rooted in a disciplined yoga practice, acroyoga, and competitive martial arts (which she has practiced since childhood). She discovered pole dance out of curiosity in 2012, and was mesmerized by the strength and grace of the art. Pole revealed a different type body awareness and mindfulness that no other discipline had taught her; there are no rules or restrictions to its craft. (You can keep up with Nyancy’s pole career on Facebook and Instagram.)

Most of Nyancy’s routines are conceived by her long-time choreographer Chris Sea, whom you can also follow on Facebook and Instagram. Chris Sea is also a photographer and is responsible for many of the images featured below. (To see more of Chris’s photography, check out The Boss Life Photography’s  Facebook and Instagram pages.)

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